Group History

Through quality and commitment to deliver on expectations, Bonnici Brothers has gone from a small family-run business to a successful group of companies servicing multiple industries at an international level. This is our story.

  • 1978


    Taking the first steps

    The four brothers - Benjamin, John, Emanuel and Mario - came from a farming family that also owned a bar in Burmarrad. The eldest brother opted out of farming, and chose the construction industry when the opportunity presented itself. This idea was shared with his brothers, who willingly took it on board. It led to the purchase of their first truck and wheel shovel, and paved their way to a career in road works.

  • 1982

    [First Major Project]

    Becoming a local construction powerhouse

    The first major breakthrough came with excavation works carried out for a major hotel in St. Julian’s, and the Delimara Power Station. With limited equipment, employees, funds and general resources, much of the work was purely manual. Friends who helped out on the projects then became employees, and thus began the growth of our extended family.

  • 1989

    [Founding of UNEC and CAT Dealership]

    Taking quality to an international level

    Seeing further potential to evolve, the company diversified its operations and became a CAT dealer. This heavy machinery required heavy investment into a new servicing workshop, a sales office and improved working practices. In return, the company’s improved quality levels in line with its expanded portfolio brought recognition to its focus on maintaining standards to an international level.

  • 1992

    [Acquisition of Ta’ Żuta Quarry]

    Building on core strengths

    The acquisition of the quarry was a gamble that was well played, and backed by a massive financial and strategic decision. It became the centre of operations and main production and storage area - the very heart of the company. This solid base of operations brought the company to the forefront of the construction industry in Malta.

  • 2006

    [Signing of DAF Dealership]

    International high profile partnerships

    With a proven successful track record backing the company, both within the commercial and industrial equipment sectors, the business partnered with DAF, and commenced operation in a new market. Once again, this led it to upgrade its facilities to those of today. It has chosen to represent a high profile brand, which further justifies the Group’s strength and position as an industry leader.

  • 2016

    [Directors from the second generation]

    Going above and beyond

    The founders and their respective families are aware of the importance of a smooth business succession. This guided their decision to appoint another director from each family. This move empowered the second generation and introduced fresh energy and ideas within the group.

  • 2017

    [Diversification into the retail sector]

    Diversify into a new market - retail

    Having established a solid core business, the board decided to diversify into a new market - retail. The company acquired the majority shareholding in JYSK Malta, a franchise retail business that sells items for the home.